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About Us

At Hidden Treasure, we are committed to providing quality senior personal care in a home-like setting.  Our residents thrive in an environment that promotes the highest levels of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.  Our staff is comprised of a close-knit team of compassionate caregivers who selflessly “go the extra mile” for our residents and their families.

Meet the Team

Patrick Trammelle Staff Owner

Patrick Trammelle


Patrick Trammelle was born in Washington, D.C., and raised in Friendly, Maryland.   He earned a B.S. in journalism from West Virginia University; served as a U.S. Air Force public affairs officer for four years; and earned his J.D. from the University of Montana.  Patrick clerked for the Montana Supreme Court; practiced law in Helena for seven years; served as a pharmaceutical sales representative for 11 years; and served in an outreach role for Compassus Hospice (formerly Rocky Mountain Hospice) for 5+ years.  Patrick and his wife, Layne, have been married for 25 years.  They have two children:  Brooke and Craig.  His hobbies include reading, ranching, listening to music, hunting, and spending time with his family.  Patrick is honored to carry on Shelby’s fine tradition of resident care at Hidden Treasure Assisted Living.  


Layne Trammelle

Owner, Registered Nurse

Layne Trammelle was born in Deer Lodge and raised in Gold Creek, Montana.  She attended Montana State University, and earned a BS in Nursing in 1986.  Layne initially worked on the Intensive Care and Cardiac Care Units at Deaconess Hospital in Spokane, Washington.  She eventually returned to Montana and served as an ICU/CCU nurse at St. Patrick’s Hospital in Missoula until 1993.  Layne and Patrick were married in 1993, and moved to Helena.  Layne worked on the Pediatric Care Unit at St. Peter’s Hospital before accepting a position at Helena OB/GYN & Associates, where she worked for six years.  For many years, she served as the nurse for 4-H Camp and for the Student Education Program Camp.  In 2000, she became a stay-at-home mom.  Layne brings a wealth of nursing knowledge and a deep passion for resident care to Hidden Treasure.   She enjoys ranching, reading, outdoor activities, time with family, all animals, and a very active faith life.

Nettie Thompson Staff Assistant Admin

Nettie Thompson

Assistant Administrator, Certified Nursing Assistant

Nettie Thompson was born in Missoula, Montana, and graduated from Big Sky High School in 1994.  She has been in the medical field for 20 years.  Nettie served Montana’s developmentally disabled population for 16 years.  She worked at Rocky Mountain Healthcare Community for two years; on the St. Peter’s Hospital medical floor for two years; and she began serving at Hidden Treasure Assisted Living in May 2018.  Based on her leadership and experience, Nettie was quickly promoted to assistant administrator.  Nettie has one sister, two brothers, and a daughter.  Her hobbies include slow-pitch softball, hunting, camping and work.

Melinda Herron

Melinda Herron

Facility Nurse

Melinda Herron was born and raised in Sidney, Montana.  She graduated from Sidney High School in 1996, and earned an Associate’s Degree in Art from Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming.  Melinda earned an Associate’s Degree in Nursing in 2006 from Montana State University-Northern, before moving to Helena and getting married.  She worked at Rocky Mountain Care Center, while earning her on-line Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing in 2016 from Western Governor’s University, which is based in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Melinda also worked at Cooney Convalescent Home (now Apple-Rehab Cooney).  After 7.5 years in long-term care, Melinda changed gears and became a nurse for Rocky Mountain Hospice (now Compassus) for five years.  She now works for Apple-Rehab Cooney in staff development and infection prevention.  Her passion for serving Helena’s geriatric population makes her a great fit for the Hidden Treasure team.  Melinda and her husband have raised two boys.  Her hobbies include arts & crafts, coffee and nursing.   


Francine Brewer

Activities Director

Francine Brewer was born in Detroit, Michigan.  Her family eventually moved to Downey, California.  After graduating from Warren High School, Francine relocated to Graham, Washington.   She worked as an order selector for Associated Grocers for three years before taking a job at Costco in 2004.  Francine worked as a forklift operator, receiving clerk and inventory auditor.  In 2015, Francine moved to Helena and has continued her employment with Costco.  She wears many hats as Costco:  cashier, photo lab attendant, maintenance team member, and gas station attendant.  Francine graciously volunteers her time at Hidden Treasure, where she is well suited to lead our robust activities program.  Her bright smile, engaging personality, passion for crafts, and commitment to our elderly population make Francine a natural fit for the Activities Director role.  She and her husband, Ed, have three sons.  Francine’s hobbies include Jeep trips into the mountains, “anything in the water”, working with seniors, spoiling her grandbabies, and all things arts and crafts.

Krista Marion Staff Caregiver

Krista Marion


Krista Marion was born and raised in Townsend, Montana.  She has two years of assisted living facility experience, and a true passion for caring for residents and ensuring their needs are met.  Krista has two girls and a son.  Krista’s hobbies are outdoor activities, such as folfing, hiking, spending time at the lake, and spending time with family.

Chelise Small

Chelise Robson


Chelise Robson was born in Missoula, Montana.  She was raised in East Helena.  Chelise graduated from Helena High School in 2018.  She decided that she wanted to try something new and different that was interesting to her, so she came to work here at Hidden Treasure.  Chelise’s hobbies include music, singing and playing the flute.  She an amateur seamstress, and is passionate about music and reading.

Michelle New Door

Michelle Lessley


Michelle Lessley was born and raised in Bozeman, Montana, and moved to Helena at age 15.  She attended Capital High School and graduated in 2001.  Michelle took classes at Helena College, spent several years in working in retail sales and customer service industries, and embarked on a career in healthcare in 2010.  She has worked in daycare settings; with the developmentally disabled community at West Mont and Benchmark; and with the elderly community at Aspen Gardens Assisted Living.  Michelle joins the Hidden Treasure team with a wealth of experience and a deep passion in caring for our aging population.  Michelle’s hobbies include watching movies, attending events, and staying active in the Helena community.

Lea Small

Lea Hightshoe


Lea Hightshoe was born and raised in Bemidji, Minnesota.  She moved to Helena at the age of 12.  Lea graduated from Capital High School in 2010.  Over the years, she worked at a dog kennel and an O-Ring factory in East Helena.  Lea also served the developmentally disabled population at West Mont, and served as a personal care attendant for the elderly population in an assisted living facility.  Lea has a passion for serving Helena’s elderly community.  She has a toddler and enjoys art, playing pool, and spending time with her family – including her two dogs.

Jesse Moody

Jesse Moody


Jesse Moody was born and raised in Great Falls, Montana.  He moved to Helena in 2014 and graduated from Capital High School in 2017.  Upon his graduation, Jesse joined the Montana Army National Guard.  He trained as a military policeman at Fort Leonardwood, Missouri.  He has also worked in construction; lawn care; as a crew member, then head supervisor, at Taco John’s; and as a ranch hand prior to joining the Hidden Treasure team.   Jesse’s mom has served as a receptionist at St. Peter’s Medical Group, and his father served as a behavioral health nurse for more than 20 years.  Following in his parents’ footsteps, Jesse brings a strong work ethic and deep passion for our residents to his caregiver role.  His hobbies include weightlifting (he is a competitive powerlifter), hunting, fishing, playing video games, and spending time with his family.

Priscilla Wallace 2

Priscilla Wallace


Priscilla Wallace was born in Odessa, Texas, and was raised in Texas, Montana, and Kansas.  Her family settled in Helena in 2007.  Priscilla attended Capital High School for her sophomore through senior years and graduated in 2019.  She studied Human Body Systems and Principles of Biomedical Sciences.  Priscilla has worked as a car hop and the R&B Drive-In and bussed tables at an I-Hop in Kansas.  She has five brothers and three sisters.  Priscilla plans to pursue the nursing program at Helena College.  Her positive attitude, passion for our elderly population, and caring nature make her a great fit for Hidden Treasure.  Priscilla’s hobbies include music, enjoying area lakes in the summer, and sledding in the winter.

Jeri Johnson Small

Jeri Johnson

Caregiver/Certified Nursing Assistant

Jeri Johnson was born and raised in Townsend, Montana.  In 2001, she moved with her family to Tacoma, Washington, where she attended and graduated from Bethel High School in 2005.  Jeri began college at Eastern Washington University in Cheney, Washington, and returned to Townsend in 2007.  Her first daughter was born in 2008.  Upon her return to Montana, Jeri continued her education – for one year at Helena College, then for an additional 2.5 years at Carroll College.  She worked for 11 years as a CNA at Broadwater Health Center, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Hidden Treasure team.  Jeri and her husband have four children together.  Her hobbies include:  painting, drawing, camping, big game hunting, and being a book nerd.  Her life revolves around her kids. 

Our Philosophy

We at Hidden Treasure Assisted Living believe that serving our aging community is one of the more noble callings in life.  We are committed to treating our residents with the utmost respect and dignity, while honoring their choices, independence and individuality.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide focused, enviable, compassionate care for our residents, while championing a “just like home” assisted living environment for our aging friends, neighbors and their families.